Do You Need a Family Lawyer to Adopt a Child?

Do You Need a Family Lawyer to Adopt a Child?

Do You Need a Family Lawyer to Adopt a Child?

16 November 2020
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Would you like to become a legal parent of a baby even though you don't have any biological relations with them? Your objective is attainable, but the adoption process is bound to be lengthy and strenuous. This usually occurs because the birth parents, court and adoptive parents have to ensure that the kid's best interests are met.

One of the things you can do to make the adoption process easier on your part is to work with a family law solicitor who handles adoption. These family solicitors understand the adoption laws in your state and will offer legal assistance and general advice so you can adopt the child quickly.

What steps are involved in the adoption?

The adoption procedure is known to be stressful for a reason — there are many steps an individual has to follow before they get the child. First, one has to file an adoption petition. In the petition, the adoptive parents have to offer their basic details, so the family court judge can review it. Some of the details they include are the names, ages and residential addresses. The details of the birth parents and the kid are included, as well as the reason biological parents have for terminating their parental rights and a statement to show that the child's best interests are considered.

Next, the adoptive parents must provide a notice of the petition to the legally interested parties. A hearing date is then set where the potential adoptive parents are asked to show up in court for questioning. Usually, judges question them under oath to determine whether they understand their responsibilities and rights. If the judge confirms that the adoptive parents qualify, they'll offer an order of adoption that approves the adoption. As an adoptive parent, you need a solicitor's guidance throughout this process to succeed.

What should you expect when you hire an adoption solicitor?

Although the key to getting quality and reliable service from a solicitor mainly depends on their knowledge and experience on adoption, it's safe to say that an adoption solicitor will help you acquire the adoption as desired. These professionals study the case properly and even offer recommendations on the changes you should make to ensure you qualify to be an adoptive parent.

Besides, they will help when you face any legal complications or fail to ace one of the qualifying examinations. All this will help expedite the adoption procedure so you can adopt your child sooner than you would have if you did everything by yourself.

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