3 Benefits That the Spouse Who Files for Divorce First Enjoys

3 Benefits That the Spouse Who Files for Divorce First Enjoys

3 Benefits That the Spouse Who Files for Divorce First Enjoys

28 April 2020
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Sometimes in life, you make some hard decisions not because you want to, but because you must. Everyone wants their marriage to work and bring them the joy, hope and happiness they once anticipated to have. But when your marriage becomes 'pepper in your eyes' or doesn't work anymore, choosing to divorce seems sensible. And since divorce is a 'legal war' that the partners should be ready to face, how it ends might sometimes depend on who filed it first. Although you need to gather your worries and feelings together before you file for divorce, filing it first would give you an upper hand in some ways.

You Decide Where the Hearings Will Take Place

Where the divorce case is filed happens to be the same place it's decided. Whether you reside in the same house or city with your spouse or in different locations, whoever files the case first considers a jurisdiction they find convenient for them. For many spouses, hearings will be even more of a struggle if the venue selected isn't convenient for them. However, they have to put up with it since it might not be easier to transfer the divorce case to a different jurisdiction once it has been filed. Those who file for divorce first consider how convenient the jurisdiction would be for their job, business or kids.

You Get All Support Documents in Advance

A divorce case could be a hard-to-win battle without the necessary documents to support it. So if you are ready to divorce, getting all the documents ready is the first thing you do. Since your spouse might not know you are about to file for divorce, they will blindly give you to access the crucial documents—both legal and financial—you need to begin the process. This allows you to make copies of the critical documents needed to file for divorce. If you intend to file for divorce first, you need to first organise all these documents and keep them safe so you don't get stuck when you get the divorce papers.

You Have Time to Look for a Competent Divorce Lawyer

Now that you have chosen your battleground, you need to prepare a legal team that would take your battle to the winning edge. When you file for divorce first, you get ample time to go to every law firm in your area and choose the most competent and experienced divorce lawyer among the many you come across. You also have time to disclose to the lawyer what you have been through and why you feel you are justified to file for divorce. This helps your divorce lawyer to understand your feelings and probably guide you on how best you could approach the process.

Learning that your partner intends to file for divorce won't just shock you, but it would deny you the time you need to prepare for it. When this happens, some spouses end up representing themselves in court or hiring subpar lawyers to represent them, which can lead to an unfavourable outcome. 

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