5 Questions To Help You Interview Your Conveyancer

5 Questions To Help You Interview Your Conveyancer

5 Questions To Help You Interview Your Conveyancer

2 April 2020
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Are you planning to purchase a property? Conveyancers are professionals that handle the legal aspects of buying and selling property. Some people have a difficult time finding a conveyancer that suits their needs. Below are a few questions to help you interview a conveyancer. 

Question 1: What Is Your Speciality?

Some conveyancers specialise in commercial property while others deal with residential property. A specialised conveyancer will have first-hand information on zoning regulations, subdivision laws and strata bylaws. He or she will help you inspect and appraise the property to ensure it is not overpriced. 

Question 2: What Services Will You Provide?

The professional should provide a wide range of personalised services. Other than handling the contract of sale, you also need the conveyancer to conduct due diligence, organise pre-purchase house inspections, negotiate mortgage terms with your lender and facilitate the transfer of title. He or she could also help you secure vital documents such as renovation permits and strata reports. 

If you have a busy schedule, work with a conveyancer that provides online services. He or she will give regular updates through email and calls. 

Question 3: Are You Licenced? 

The conveyancer should have a licence to work in your locality. Conveyancers affiliated with professional associations, such as the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, observe a strict code of conduct. Besides, the body can resolve disputes between the client and the conveyancer.

Question 4: How Much Will You Charge? 

The conveyancer should give a comprehensive quote of how much he or she will charge. The quote should include his or her professional fee and extra costs such as conducting land searches, property inspections and transferring the title. Ask for a discount if you feel that the services are a bit expensive. 

Question 5: What Are Your Terms and Conditions? 

Some of your concerns should include: 

  • Conveyancers deal with confidential documents such as your bank and employment details. Inquire what measures the conveyancer will take to ensure third parties do not access the documents.
  • Check the terms of contract termination. You may want to avoid professionals who penalise you if you terminate their services.
  • What liabilities does the conveyancer accept? The conveyancer should have professional liability insurance to protect you from liabilities caused by his or her negligence.
  • The conveyancer must declare a conflict of interest. It happens when the professional represents the buyer and the seller.  

When hiring a conveyancer, examine his or her speciality, services, licences, pricing strategy and terms and conditions. If you have any questions about conveyancing, speak with a conveyancer.   

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