How to Make a Car Accident Claim

How to Make a Car Accident Claim

How to Make a Car Accident Claim

24 March 2020
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What would you do if you were hit by a car? For starters, you need to take photos of the accident and the vehicle registration number. If you are severely injured, ask responders to take pictures of the incident and seek medical attention as soon as possible. You will have trouble making a claim if your condition escalates because you did not go to the hospital. 

Read the excerpt below to learn how to make a car accident claim.  

Work With a Compensation Lawyer

A compensation lawyer will help you claim damages from the insurance company. If the vehicle did not have insurance, you would have to sue the owner. Below is a guide to help you choose a compensation lawyer:

  • Check the lawyer's expertise and experience. For example, what is the lawyer's success rate?
  • Choose a lawyer that provides personalised services. For instance, some lawyers can provide online services if you are still in the hospital or if you have a busy schedule.
  • Some compensation lawyers have a no-win no-fee policy. Regardless of their policy, inquire what percentage of your compensation the lawyer will take. Negotiate and ask the lawyer to remove extra and hidden costs.
  • Check the lawyer's contract. For instance, will you incur penalties if you terminate the lawyer's services? 

Your lawyer examines your case and determines the possibility of success. For example, it would be difficult to get compensation if you broke the traffic laws. Say you decided to cross the road in an undesignated place or if you did not observe the traffic lights.

The lawyer will also help you decide how much compensation you should claim. Typically, the bigger the injury, the bigger the claim. He or she will also check the possibility of claiming lost wages, pain and suffering, and rehabilitation costs.  

The Compensation Process

The lawyer will contact the insurance company and inform them of the claim. Most insurance companies will send an adjuster to examine the genuineness of your claim. As a rule, you should not provide false or contradicting information to the adjuster. Additionally, do not speculate what happened.

Most claims are settled through an out of court process. You must be patient. Insurance companies use various tactics to push you into accepting a low offer. For instance, they could take too long to respond to your counteroffer. Your lawyer will advise when you should accept an offer. If you do not agree, your lawyer will file your case in court. 

Making a car accident claim will be easier with the above tips. Gather sufficient evidence, work with a compensation lawyer, and be patient as you await compensation. 

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