Why You Need A Conveyancer When Buying Commercial Real Estate

29 April 2021
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Conveyancers are a critical component of every commercial real estate transaction. Although you are not legally bound to engage the services of a conveyancer, their input can significantly ease the property transfer process. Below is an article discussing how a conveyancer can help you as you buy commercial property.  Market Survey Property conveyancers have an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. Therefore, they can conduct a market survey to establish the viability of your project.
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How To Interview Family Law Solicitors

28 January 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

A family law solicitor can significantly ease the divorce process. Besides offering legal advice, the professional will advance your interests during property division and child custody proceedings. Below is a guide discussing a few questions you can use to interview a family lawyer before hiring him or her to handle your divorce case.  What Is Your Specialisation? Most family lawyers opt to specialise in a specific branch of family law. As such, your family lawyer should specialise in divorce matters.
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