Top Tips for Effective Process Serving

Top Tips for Effective Process Serving

Top Tips for Effective Process Serving

6 August 2020
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Law firms enjoy working with efficient process servers because most defendants put a lot of effort to evade being served with a legal notice. It can be very frustrating to an accuser because justice can only be delivered if a defendant is served within a reasonable timeframe. Therefore, a process server must ensure that a defendant receives the necessary legal document on time. However, it can only happen through effective process service, which entails getting the right information about a defendant. This article highlights critical information for efficient process service.

Determine the Recipient's Schedule

Most people have a schedule that they stick to most days of the week. A process server needs this information to determine where and when to find a defendant accurately. For instance, if you cannot find the intended recipient at their home and you do not know their schedule, then you will spend most of the day running around trying to find them. However, if you wish to deliver legal documents on a Thursday and you know that a defendant spends time at a particular restaurant, you are likely to succeed. Therefore, you need to search for accurate information regarding a recipient's schedule to increase the chances of success.

Determine Their Preferred Transportation Means 

Does the intended recipient use a private or public means of transportation? The answer to this question will help you to determine whether a recipient is at home or not. For example, a defendant hiding in their home to avoid process service does not realise that the presence of their car on the driveway indicates they are at home. Therefore, a process server can confidently walk to the front door and serve an accused with legal papers. On the other hand, you can establish whether a defendant is not at home if their vehicle is not on their driveway. For a defendant that uses public transport, you have to find out which bus or train they use. It will help you to match your delivery mode to a defendant's transport schedule.

Enlist Delivery Services 

Most people will open their doors to a delivery person even if they do not expect a delivery. You can leverage this behaviour by timing the arrival of a delivery person to a defendant's residence. For example, you can order pizza or any take away meal using a defendant's address. When a delivery person arrives, follow them behind and let them knock on a defendant's door. Ensure that you serve a recipient with legal documents immediately they open their door because they will try to shut it the moment they see you.

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